Fervent Midsummer, Flying Youth


In this lovely midsummer, Piotec launched 3-day corporate travel on Jun.23th, 2017. All the staff toured the Daqinggou National Nature Reserve of Inner Mongolia and Tamin Chagan desert, and at the same time, we got outward bound.

Once arrived, with the ceremony for distinguished guests called “Dismount Wine”, we were welcomed by local residents, thus gaining respect and experiencing the unique exotic of Inner Mongolia.

Daqinggou is known as “Natural Oxygen Bar”, and we all indulged ourselves far away from the noise of the city and enjoying its serenity and quiet.

The prairie people who are keen on singing and dancing and full of enthusiasm had soon been familiar with us. We got together and had a pretty glorious night by enjoying the “Roast Whole Lamb” banquet.

On the second day, the most exciting part---rafting finally came. Each team carefully prepared, fought in high spirit and enjoyed the feeling of “Cool Summer”!

Accompanying the enormous expectation, our outward bound came in time. With the spirit of “Friendship Comes before Competition”, each team confronted all kinds of challenges leisurely, made concerted efforts and united as one man!

On the third day, we explored the mysterious and extensive desert and exactly experienced the feeling of” A plume of smoke rises up into the evening sky of the Great Desert”. Impressed by the breathtaking scenery, we lingered on with no thought of leaving during experiencing the ancient road of business trip, riding camels, building sand castles as well as admiring its beauty.

All good things are destined for an end, but in the course, we witness each others’ growth and harvest friendship. Afterwards we will accept the challenge with pleasant heart and brand-new appearance, as well as forge ahead and make progress continuously!

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