PIOTEC is playing a great role for Malaysia National ID cards


PIOTEC has become the main personalization supplier of Malaysia National ID cards. With mutual trust, Datasonic, the biggest ID card manufacturer in Malaysia, has been the most valuable customer of PIOTEC. Under the contact with Datasonic, PIOTEC will supply another 50 sets of Desktop Machine CPL200 for Malaysia ID card issuance within 4 months.  


-2010, PIOTEC start the cooperation with Datasonic, the biggest ID card manufacturer in Malaysia. PIOTEC provided 2 central issuance for big volume ID card production and 10 desktop machine for ID card issuance.

-2013, PIOTEC suppied another 15 desktop machine for Datasonic.

-2015, PIOTEC provided upgrading solutions for laser engraving machine supplied by an Italy company as there are 5 main problems with this machine, PIOTEC are now upgrading the machine batch by batch.


PIOTEC is the only supplier in China dedicated to providing ID card personalization solutions based on LASER ENGARAVING technology, we will make every effort to make our cost-effective service for ID projects being able to beyond customers’ expectations.


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